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The Book

In My Summers On Hemingway Road, the author fondly revisits her carefree summers during the early 1960′s through the late 1970′s.

While great accomplishments took place during this time, including man walking on the moon that was watched on black and white TV with no cable (but instead one of the few stations available from Traverse City) it was a simpler time than we find ourselves in this new millenium.

Breezy, sunny days in which the kids on the road explored the outdoors — boating, hiking and swimming in a world that renown author Ernest Hemingway also enjoyed as a boy, when visiting his Uncle George who owned most of the property that latter day adventurers would call their summer playground.

Even in this era where computers and video games (homework?) have so many young persons fully absorbed, Charlevoix remains “The Beautiful” summer destination as it was in My Summers On Hemingway Road

Read your way there!

Dream of … sunny days, waves rolling up on the beach, and the bridge opening wide into Round Lake Harbor for that special boat to pass through the Pine River Channel, into Lake Charlevoix.  Go back to the 1960′s and 1970′s in Northern Michigan, and relive those carefree summers in Charlevoix.

If in the Charlevoix area, please purchase your copy at the Charlevoix Historical Society, in the links section at right.

My Summers on Hemingway Road makes a great gift for all ages!

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